Top 5 Reasons Family Camps are Important

Top 5

Reason to attend a Family Camp

These top 5 reasons could easily be larger, but we feel that these might be the best reasons.  Every child deserves the opportunity, and should have the chance to go to camp.  And a lot of times especially at family camp that child is above the age of 25.  But it is good to let that child out, have fun, explore, be scared, excited, smile, laugh, and be proud.  There are tons of reasons your family should attend a family camp together, but I will give you the top five:

  1. Independence: There is few times nowadays that kids get to be independent, camp is one of the times.  Children have a natural curiosity, and desire to go explore without being brought402151454-bow-and-arrow-archery-bow-weapon-highlights1502 back within eyesight. When they paint, or do crafts, they will have the chance to decide what the final product is going to be.  Which will help create independence.  When you get your packing list, let them decide what to bring, how their bag should be packed.  Make sure to have the must haves on hand, but let them be independent.
  2. Social Interaction: This one goes for the adults and kids, more for the adults. It is tough to pull the family away from electronics for a while.  But kids need to learn how to talk without type, text, and tweet.  And parents could probably get pulled away from Facebook, TV, and Netflix, to meet some new people and make new friends as well.  The great thing that happens at these camps, is you develop fast friends.  Because the community of adults tend to keep an eye on all the children at the camp.
  3. Get Outside: It is nice, to go outside and relax, and watch your daughter, or son enjoy themselves. It is nice to be outdoors, to breath fresh air, to walk among the trees.  It is nice not to be stuck in a stuffy cramped room, but watch the lake and the sun coincide in a delicate harmony.  We have great weather here in Florida, and everyone is always looking for a reason to be outdoors on the weekend, and now you have found it!
  4. Mess Up/Try Again: There are quite a few chances to mess up at camp, not hitting the target in archery, not staying in the boat at canoe, or just working on a craft project.  And no 4434254_ml.jpgchild wants to mess up in front of their parent, but at family camp, you can. And the great part is the child also gets to watch a parent mess up as well, and try again.  That is where kids are going to develop that mentality of not giving up on things by watching the adults.
  5. It’s Fun: This one says it all you are not forced to participate, if you are uncomfortable or reluctant you can always say, “no”. But when comes to attending a family cam event, try it because you will at least walk away having FUN!

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