November 2016 MD Schedule

Mother Daughter Schedule


6:30-7:30                Arrival

7:30-8:00               Icebreakers

8:00-9:00              Free time

9:15-10:00             Campfire and Smores

11:00                       Lights Out




8:30-9:15                Breakfast

10-1                         Rotation of Activities (Archery, Craft time, Low ropes, and Canoe)

1                              Lunch

1:45-3                      Free Time

3-6                           Rotation of Activities (Swim/Blob, decorating cookies, mani/pedi, Archery tag)

6                              Dinner

7:30                         Free time

8:30                         Movie Night and Popcorn

11:00                       Lights Out



8:30-9:15                Breakfast

10-1                         Rotation of Activities: (Paddleboard, Zip line, Archery Tag, Tye dye)

1:00                         Lunch


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