Father Son Weekend

Father Son at the Hideaway

At Camp Geneva


Not very often as a Father do you get the quality bonding time with your son like you should.  For the Father Son Weekend at Camp Geneva you will get a years’ worth of experiences in one weekend. Participating in activities with one another, taking on challenges together, and putting down the outer worldly distractions and spending time!

Our Father Son Weekend is designed to help you do just that with your son. Cozy cabins that comfortably sleep 8 people, a dining hall and activity space, beautiful and serene lakefront, hiking trails, and a great front porch on those cabins to sit, and relax.  Not to mention the fun activities with other families, such as canoe, archery, sports, swim, lakefront activities, crafts, and manyqtq80-IScxDW more.  To see an example of the fun, visit our activities page. Meals throughout the weekend will be provided, so you do not have to worry about going out to eat. This weekend getaway is designed for you to get back to the things that are most important in life.  So, we try to give you every opportunity to spend time with your family!

The Weekends in 2017 that we will be offering Father Son Events are:

February 3-5, and September 15-17

Price: $229 (two participants)
$79 per additional participant

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More information on what to bring is on our packing list blog page.  

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