Sleeping and Eating Accommodations

At The Hideaway


All the family weekend events at Camp Geneva will be in our new Hideaway cabins on the far side of the campus.  These accommodations were built in 2016, and have been used almost exclusively by our family campers.  Inside each cabin, they are all wood interiors with 4 bunk beds, and two other bunk beds built into the wall.  Each cabin has their own bathroom with showers, with great water pressure on all.  On the front of the cabin is a front porch, big enough to seat a few lawn chairs, while you watch the children play!


Outside of the cabins we have a multi-purpose room with seating for over 200, but during these weekends we use the multi-purpose room’s kitchen to store any additional food participants bring.  The area is also used for craft time, and any rained out activities that can be performed inside.  On the outdoor deck of the multi purpose room are also use the adirondack chairs for movie nights, or relaxing on the deck.  There is a soccer field separating the multi purpose room and the cabins, this area is used for our movie nights as well.



So if you would like to register for one of our events in The Hideaway, click here!

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