Come join us at Camp Geneva where you have a chance to getaway for the weekend.  We will take care of the entire weekend of planning activities, and meals, so that you can relax and enjoy your quality time with family!

Camp Geneva
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Camp Geneva

Our Family Camp Weekends began in August 2016, and we have been running them each month since.  During the summer the camp is full of campers but the other nine months of the year we offer Family Camp Weekends!

Family Camp Weekend

Stay with your family in 1 of our 12 cabins, this weekend is designed for Family Camping fun, and adventure!

Daddy & Me Weekend

A special time for the kids to come out and play, have a special time with their father and really enjoy the weekend!

Mother Daughter Weekend

Come and enjoy a Mother Daughter Weekend, and really get to spend quality time with your mother or daughter!

Grandparent & Me Weekend

A great event for Grandparents to really get to spend some time with the grand kids.  Also having a great bonding experience through out the weekend, in a great outdoor environment.

Mother Son Weekend

Camp Geneva is a great time for boys of all ages, and they tend to have a better time out here when Mom is around.  So be a round for the weekend and register for one of our Mother Son Weekends.